Dr. José Blakeley

Hacia la tecnología 2020


Expositor: Dr. José Blakeley - Microsoft

Conferencia: Hacia la tecnología 2020

Fecha: Ju 28-ago-08, 19:00-20:00 hrs.

Lugar: Auditorio, ITAM – Río Hondo

Resumen: 50 years ago organizations employed armies of people as keypunch operators converting information on paper into digital form to be consumed by the emergent computer. The mainframe reduced the process time for operations such as payroll and order processing from days to a matter of minutes. These gains were so dramatic we could justify to pay scores of humans to prepare information for consumption by the machine. Today the cost of acquiring and storing raw information is trending towards zero. The majority of recorded information is born and captured in digital form - even inherently analog phenomena such as sound recordings or photographs are born in digital form.

Our computing environment today is many orders of magnitude richer than 50 years ago in all dimensions: computing power, main memory and storage capacity. This abundance of riches brings a lot of opportunity to the computer and information technology professions. The rapid evolution and increase of computing capacity, the massive amounts of information being generated by today's society, and the need to analyze this information in near real-time to support decision making is forcing us to rethink the way we are designing and implementing information systems. In this talk I will present some of the game-changing trends in computing technology and some examples of innovative solutions in traditional and non-traditional computing domains.

Curriculum: Dr. José Blakeley is a partner architect in the SQL Server Division atMicrosoft Corporation. He is currently lead architect in the SQL Engine group which builds the core engine for the SQL Server Product. Previously he was the lead architect in the SQL Data Programmability group building the Entity Framework in ADO.NET. José has contributed to numerous programmability and extensibility features in the SQL Server products. Before joining Microsoft in 1994, José was a Member of the Technical Staff at the Computer Science Laboratory at Texas Instruments where he was a principal investigator in the development of DARPA Open-OODB, an object-oriented database system. He has over 20 granted or pending patents. José received a Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Waterloo, Canada.